"This is the story of how a true cold case is finally cracked after years of false starts and dead-ends.  The reader becomes part of the action and experiences the highs and lows of the investigators as the case unfolds.  The story highlights the value of dental expertise in getting to the bottom of a crime.  A must read!"

Robert E. Barsley DDS, JD
Past President: American Academy of Forensic Science; American Board of Forensic Odontology, American Society of Forensic Odontology
Former Magistrate Judge, Ponchatoula, LA City Court



"Mike Tabor’s professional experience and expertise are clearly evident in this dramatic novel.Walk of Death will capture and hold your attention to the very last page while providing you with fascinating insight into how real forensic scientists collaborate to solve a murder mystery."

Cyril H. Wecht, M.D., J.D.
Past president, American Academy of Forensic Science
Chief Medical Examiner, Allegeheny County, Pittsburg, PA


Authentic Thriller

"This book is a suspensful tale the reader will find hard to put down. As a dentist somewhat familiar with forensic odontology I can attest Tabor walks you through reality in this book. Something the average layperson will never experience except in the pages from Walk of Death. A story of intrigue, love, and loss that is both heart wrenching and heart warming. Get a copy and be ready to keep reading."

Leon Stanislav, DDS - Amazon - March 5, 2014


Fasitnating story coupled with an entertaining forensic education.

"A true page turner that's loaded with great story telling coupled with real life forensic science. Dr. Tabor's book obviously draws upon personal experiences applied to facts that are fascinating and compelling. A very entertaining and educational read. I didn't want it to end and can't wait for his next one."

Patricia A. Donnell "p.donnell" - Amazon - July 14, 2013


Walk of Death

"My daughter gave me a copy for Father's Day. I don't do much reading in the summer but with all the rain I picked it up. It was good enough that I read it on nice days as well as rainy ones. It is the kind of read that you can't find a place to stop. Very easy reading with a limited amount of characters. I thought it was excellent and certainly very good for the writer's first attempt . I am going to make sure my friends get an opportunity to read it."

illinistephens - Amazon - July 14, 2013


Exceptional debut novel, could be the new Patricia Cornwell

"Remember Patricia Cornwell's early Kay Scarpetta novels when the forensic mystery was the center of the novel? Unlike Cornwell's later efforts where the screwed up personal lives of all the main characters take center stage. Meet the new forensic mystery king!

This novel has ALL the excitement and science for us techno mystery junkies, and it has the added twist of using dental forensics. An exciting plot with great characters, I can't wait to read more."

Mindy- Amazon - July 14, 2013


Different and interesting story

"Mike Tabor gives a refreshing and different take on a suspenseful story as seen through the eyes of a forensic dentist. Mixing actual casework and fiction, I found this a quick, easy read and would not be surprised if Hollywood picks this one up."

C. Poleki - Amazon - July 11, 2013



"WALK OF DEATH is a real page turner. Full of suspense, this forensic thriller will grab you from the first page. I hated to put it down, and read it over a couple of nights. Highly entertaining, and highly recommended."

VICTOR C. BECK, JR. - Amazon - July 11, 2013


Could not put it down

"First time author, Mike Tabor, has a winner in Walk of Death! I couldn't put this book down and read it on 1-2 days. Tabor uses his knowledge of dental forensics to tell an intriguing story, with twists and turns that keep you glued to this book! I highly recommend Walk of Death. Great book!"

rolltidesch - Amazon - July 11, 2013


Walk of Death

"A must read ! The twist and turns of this story keeps your interest up throughout the book. Real hard to put it down once you start reading. Being based on a true case history Dr. Tabor has the ability to carry the reader inside the mind of a forensic medical scientist. Totally out of the box thinking to solve this case. This love story/murder has MOVIE written all over it. Goes to show true love never dies."

ljb2013 - Amazon - July 10, 2013


A real page turner

"I totally enjoyed this story and found it hard to sit the book down until I had finished. The author really puts you in the mind of the characters and the story line is quite suspenseful. Although I don't normally choose suspense novels, I found this one unique and a real page turner."

Melissa P. - Amazon - July 10, 2013


A must read!!!

"Just moments after reading the first chapter, I knew this was unlike any book I had read before. It captivated my interest within minutes. The author takes the reader on a journey where they can feel the intense emotions of the characters. With each turn of the story I felt as if my heart would jump out of my chest. It gives the reader a inside perspective of how forensic dentistry works to help solve mysteries that I had not been introduced to. Fantastic novel by a fantastic author. I look forward to future writings by Mike Tabor!"

brad schepisi - Amazon - July 10, 2013


Five Stars

"Talk about a book that pulls you in and makes you feel like part of the story. A really great read. Even for those that aren't "in" to crime novels. Can't wait for the next one."

Terri Gallant - Amazon - July 10, 2013


A page-turner!

An exciting book for murder mystery readers! I've not read a book like this before, in terms of the way the crime story is solved. This is a new take on solving cold cases. A quick, exciting, page-turning read! I highly recommend! (And I hope this author continues sharing more of his stories!)

Stafford Dennis "Adrian" - Amazon - July 9, 2013



"I am not an avid reader, but this book got my attention! I love forensics and mysteries so this book was right up my ally. It is a suspenseful, yet twisted story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Always wondering what happens next. Very good read. Highly recommended. "

ksmileyme24 - Amazon - July 9, 2013


Forensic Page Turner!

"I enjoyed this book cover to cover! Couldn't put it down as I had to see what would happen next. Dr. Mike Tabor has cleverly penned an intriguing forensic novel that will keep you on your toes. Can't wait for his next book! “

TraceyK - Amazon - July 9, 2013


What a Surprise Impact of a Forensic novel

"Actually cried overwhelmed at the end of a forensic book!!! The chapters raced, with surprise twists. The short chapters were like starting to eat just a few potato chips. Just couldn't stop reading. Disguised as fiction, the reality of the story intensifies the writing. Several times I thought the story had been told -- quickly found a new twist in the next chapter. The reality of these characters kept me on edge. What an ending."

Henry Stampsmaker - Amazon - July 8, 2013


One of a Kind!

"So I read a lot of books, but I do not have one to compare this to. It is definitely one of a kind and it for sure gave me the creeps. By "creeps" I mean that it reveals just how evil and perverted humans can become. On the other hand, the story shows the compassion, integrity, and skills that go into play when some dedicated forensic doctors decide to stay on a case. I was entertained and educated. Wow!!"

ConnieK - Amazon - July 8, 2013


Chilling Read!

"Mike's book 'Walk Of Death' a forensic novel, is an amazing read involving dental forensics in solving cold cases here in TN. I've read it a couple times now and I must say each time it continues to chill me to the bone. Never do I merge onto a freeway and not ponder about Cody (a character in his book).

If you're hooked on CSI-like material, this a must read for you as it not only reveals the darker sides of the human race but educates one on the methodologies used in determining cause of death and the precise detail that goes on behind the scenes by our Medical Examining team. Love to see this on the big screen!"

Mark D. Gallant - Amazon - July 7, 2013



"Loved this book! Well written and a fast read. Hard to believe this is a true story! Can't wait to see if Mike Tabor pens another one. "

Cindy K - Amazon - July 4, 2013