First Annual Walk of Death Golf Tourney


Throughout the years, one of the most influential mentors I have had is Dr. Richard Souviron, Chief Forensic Dentist for the Miami/Dade County Medical Examiner’s Office. You have seen him interviewed on 60 Minutes and other magazine/news programs. He has provided testimony (along with yours truly) for the West Memphis Three trial most recently. He is most well known for his testimony in the State of Florida vs. Ted Bundy, a landmark case in forensic identification. It is the first time a US citizen has been convicted and executed for a capital offense, where a human bitemark was the primary source of evidence. 

Our friendship has continued over the years, including his OPPOSING testimony in the case State of Tennessee vs. Castleman in 1985. It was the first time bitemark evidence had ever been allowed as admissible evidence in a Tennessee courtroom. This happened to be my first time EVER in a courtroom. Talk about David vs. Goliath!!  

Anyway, he has now become an avid golfer. Since Dick has been such a strong supporter for us all along the way in the creation of Walk of Death, it only seemed fitting and reasonable that we invite him up to God’s country, Center Hill Lake, for the First Annual Walk of Death Golf Tournament. After watching his golf play, you might think his golf is actually a real walk of death, since his golf ball rarely reaches its intended target!  

Being a real hunter at heart, it took only a short while to notice that he had rather look for ‘free’ lost golf balls in the woods than to hit a 300 yard drive right down the center of the fairway! Sometimes, I think he hit his shot into the woods so he would have an excuse to go in there and look. He has to be half black lab!! It was all Bill, Elliott, and I could do to keep him out of the woods. We threatened to go buy one of those shock collars at PetSmart!  

To accentuate this momentous event, our media gurus, Left Brain Digital, Raquel Thomas created for us a lasting treat of our fearless foursome. Check out these pix. This tee shirt is a souvenir for Souviron! Quite a tongue twister! Not only did LBD design the artwork (featured this week in the Nashville Scene Magazine), but she produced them in less than 24 hours!  

By the way, check out Souviron’s smile in the close up shot?@?! What is going on with this, anyway? And no, I am NOT his dentist (his dentist must need an appointment at the eye doctor! Lol!) Bet his smile didn’t look like this when he was on the witness stand during the Bundy case!!  

I’ll sum up our weekend in a word: pray for his wife Barbara. They say that what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. She has a heavy cross to bear!!