"Forensic Solutions in Fiction" at Sleuthfest 2014


I was asked recently to serve on a panel at the Florida Chapter of the Mystery Writers of America, also known as Sleuthfest 2014. While there, I was invited to serve on a panel called Forensic Solutions in Fiction.  The panel consisted of two police officers, a CSI laboratory specialist, and a forensic odontologist, all of who are now also fiction true crime writers.

We fielded questions about the accuracy of CSI type programs, real life forensic situations, and how we all take our true experiences and incorporate them into our fiction writing.  Pretty interesting discussion!

Below is the audio recording of the panel discussion.  What TV crime shows and movies do you enjoy, and how do they stack up against what we talk about here? How will our discussion affect how you watch crime dramas? Please use the comments below to let me know.