The Moody Blues Cruise

How many of you 50 and 60 somethings still like to listen to the songs of our youth? That’s probably why the Rogues still take a swing at it!  That’s also why Karen and I coerced five other couples to take a ‘cruise down memory lane’ in February. Click here for a summary of what went on.

I mean how could you pass up a five day cruise to Nassau and Grand Turk Island on one of the most elegant Italian cruise liners in the world?! On top of that you can listen to live good ol’ rock 'n' roll from noon til the wee hours, five nights in a row. How about this for a lineup:

Moody Blues

Little River Band


The Zombies


Roger Daltry of The Who 

Eagles cover band

Jimi Hendrix cover band


Check out a few of these pix and decide for yourself. I think a good time was had by all! If you still have a buzz for this kinda thing, let us know. We’re already in the planning stages for another one next January. What a better way to forget about the frost on the pumpkin. Just sit back with us, relax, and let your mind wander back to the days when life was simple, divine, and, like fine wine, gets better with age!

Long live rock 'n’ roll!