Two Cars Recovered from Foss Lake in Oklahoma Reveal Six Dead Bodies - Part 1


Just when you think you’ve seen it all, another CSI mystery splashes across the wire services of the United States. If you haven’t followed this story, get ready for a shocker! This is another one that is so strange, you just couldn’t make it up.

On Tuesday, September 17, Oklahoma officers were checking some new sonar equipment they were implementing in their arsenal. Testing it over a rural Foss Lake in western Oklahoma, the operators stumbled upon a grisly discovery. Located in just 12 feet of water, only a hundred feet from an active marina used daily by its locals, down at the end of a boat launching ramp, lay the rusted remains of two different cars submerged for almost 50 years. The wrecks were only feet from each other.

At first, they suspected it to be a stripped car that had been stolen. When they decided to remove the cars, they were shocked to find a 1969 Chevy Camaro with three bodies inside. The bodies, of course, were totally skeletonized. Right next to the first car, they extracted another vehicle, an early 50’s Chevrolet containing THE SAME NUMBER OF VICTIMS.

Going back in history, locals remember a shiny new Camaro that disappeared one night with three teenagers supposedly going to a Friday night high school football game in 1970. They never made it to the game and were never heard from since. One year earlier, another strange disappearance of a man in the same county, allegedly driving a green 50’s Chevy, like the one pulled out of the marina. He was supposed to be by himself, but this green 50’s Chevy ALSO had three bodies within.

A pair of rusted rifles were found locked in the trunk of one of the cars. A muddy purse and billfold have been reportedly discovered, although no other details about the contents have been released. It must be assumed that the papers within the two containers must be waterlogged or destroyed.

To further complicate the strangeness of these two events, the windows were rolled down in one vehicle and the driver’s door was open in the other car. One car went down the ramp nose first, with the motor running (forensics experts could tell engine damage and bent radiator fan blades) and the other was not. One car had gone in nose first, and the second one went in rear end first. How strange are these findings!!

Since there will be no soft tissue, cause or manner of death will be difficult or impossible to determine. Law enforcement officers and forensic investigators are still scratching their heads on exactly where to begin to unwind this mystery.

What strikes me as the most unusual fact of the cases is the fact that these two cases were the results of two strangely bizarre incidents (the truth of which we will probably never know) that occurred in sparsely populated Custer County in western Oklahoma. These incidents happened apparently only one year apart, and yet they shared virtually the same grave until law enforcement stumbled upon these underwater coincidences. The thought of two random accidents whose identically numbered bodies were discovered only feet from each other could even imply a signature type style of a serial killer.


To Be Continued...