Thanks to friends, fans, and fellow forensics lovers around the U.S. for a fantastic year. We’ve continued a busy speaking schedule around the country, and have had a chance already to speak at several writer’s conferences such as "Sleuthfest, International Thriller Writer’s Conference," and "Mystery Writers of America." Check out our website to see our media exposure for this year. We’re proud!

Our programs with Drs. Dick Weems (UAB), Dr. Murray Marks (UT), and Dr. Bill Bass (Body Farm) have catapulted into a new and exciting adjunct to our forensic schedule. The University of Tennessee Medical Center’s College of Graduate Medicine will offer the first postgraduate master’s degree program in forensic human identification in the US. What a more ‘natural’ place to begin a program like this than at the world renowned ‘Body Farm’.  I’ll be in Knoxville a couple days a month this next year to launch that exciting forensics program!

We are happy to have completed our second forensics novel, another in the Dr. Chris Walsh series of forensic dental identification. It, like the 2013 title, Walk of Death, is based on true case files we’ve worked on over the years. This one is entitled, Out of the Darkness, and follows Dr. Walsh as he tries to solve one of Arkansas’ most gruesome murders, including the identification of human bite marks on the victim’s body. Follow their twisted course, as bodies are exhumed for reautopsy, murder trials are appealed, and new forensic science offers a promising hope to nab the real killer before the one on death row is electrocuted!

This year, we were fortunate enough to have been signed with an agent, Jill Marr, of the Sandra Dijystra Literary Agency in Del Mar, California. We are presently in the edit stage of the manuscript before the pitch to the publishing world.  So our chances of marketing this book on a larger scale should be greatly improved. That’s the good news!

The bad news is that things tend to happen much more slowly than in the self-publishing world. But it ‘is what it is,' so we’re learning how to be patient for now!  Will be sure to keep you guys posted this next year as things progress. By mid-January, 2015, we should be beginning the third in the series, entitled, Grave Mistake.

We’ll be on the road a fair amount in 2015 with scheduled speaking engagements in Chattanooga, Knoxville, Oak Ridge, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, central Illinois, and New York. If any of you guys will be in those areas, please stop by and say hello!

We so appreciate your support and interest. Will try to keep you informed as often as possible on Facebook. It’s a really exciting time in the real world of forensic science!   mt