Behind the Scenes: Picking the Story


Have you ever watched a movie where they flash a “based on real events” notice at the very beginning? I don’t know about you, but when I see that I think, “Hmmm, what is real and what is fictional?” When something is “based on real events” you know that the story or movie is built around a true event with a chunk of fiction weaved throughout. It’s cool to know that this event actually happened, but the details are very interesting and we want to know what is true and what is made up. 

In my line of work as a forensic scientist, details are important so I come by that general wondering honestly! But this week we will get into more detail regarding the story behind WALK OF DEATH to let you in behind the scenes. So first this question: Why was this particular case chosen to be the topic for my first novel? 

The main factor that made me realize that this story had to be told was probably because of the number of twists and turns that the storyline took. By virtue of the fact that we worked on this case consistently for over a decade, we became familiar with lots of details that normally we would not be aware of.  Coupled with the fact that we got some rather unusual confessions directly from the killers, it proved the point that oftentimes the truth is stranger than fiction!

The characters were also very interesting and they are pretty much true to life as depicted in the book. There are obviously embellishments to their personalities that would be considered fiction, but overall, I think the characters are similar to real life. There were some characters in real life that were not portrayed in the novel, and others were slightly fabricated for the readers enjoyment. 

The truth is always better than fiction and, wow, is that true in the story of WALK OF DEATH. I don’t think on my most creative of days that I could come up with some of the twists and turns that this true story provided.  WALK OF DEATH’s storyline was a great way to start off the series. It showed a perfect example of how many pieces there are to solving a mystery puzzle.  With this much information available, it was a great way to introduce the details of how we go about determining the identity of an unknown ‘John Doe’.

I hope you enjoyed (or will enjoy!) reading WALK OF DEATH as much as I did writing it! Do you have other questions regarding the storyline, characters, or details that you’d like to ask? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below and we will be sure to answer.