What's Lurking Around the Corner...

Fresh starts are good. Everyone needs them and we are so happy to welcome another fresh start with a new year. Turning the page over to a nice, clean canvas that is waiting to be filled. We’re thrilled you are here with us to make some new discoveries this coming year! 

With this new beginning that we have, we wanted to open the floor for your questions. I know my line of work is quite a mystery to some and maybe you’d like to hear more about it. Or maybe you have a question about WALK OF DEATH, my approach to writing, or about the characters involved in the story. We’d love to hear your thoughts and get a great conversation rolling! So feel free to leave a comment below or post something on my Facebook or Twitter pages. We are all ears! 

We have some exciting things rolling out this year that we would love for you to be a part of. We are putting the final touches on the monthly newsletter that you will want to be a part of. There will be insider information, great deals on books, giveaways, and more. Stay tuned for announcements on when you can sign up! 

We also have some great new deals on the hardback, paperback and ebook versions of WALK OF DEATH that we will be announcing shortly on the website, so stay tuned! 

Here’s to a fantastic New Year!


[photo by magurka]