Birthday Adventures!

Somebody I know officially became a "senior citizen" in the last few days! The BIG 65!! Is it me or does time seem to be flying faster than light?! What a beautiful Saturday afternoon it was to be able to spend with son Jayson, along with Anna Grace, Maddie, and Emerson at one of their funnest family activities: Grand Ol' Golf and Go Karts. Some of our fair ladies haven't quite mastered the rules/etiquette of golf yet - trying to get them to learn that you have to wait for the ball to stop rolling before you hit it again! And, by the way, where in the rulebook does it say you have to take turns?

Little Emerson was a bit miffed she wasn't tall enough to qualify to run in Nashville's version of the Indy 500. She had to sit on the sidelines while her big sisters took a few laps around the track.  Lots of fun and good memories made!

This 'poppy' realized you can't show off three beautiful grandkids without including the other 4!  So now please meet all seven of the most precious grandkids on planet earth!!

Starting on the left, there is Maddie, Anna Grace, Ellie (holding Mary Charlotte), Audrey Kate, Mason, and Emerson.