The Southern Festival of Books is a hit!!

Neither rain nor wind would have stopped the lovers of the written word from having a fun and productive weekend at the 25th Anniversary of the Southern Festival of Books here in Nashville! Several thousand authors and readers from many states invaded Legislative Plaza for the three day event. All genres of literature were represented from children to zombies. Scores of workshops, lectures, and readings made an exciting time for all. Exhibit booths filled the promenade featuring many organizations like the one in the picture above.

A local chapter of "Sisters (and brothers) in Crime" had a booth that was visited by many. Among those working and visiting in our booth were (from l to r): J.T. Ellison, Mike Tabor, Lisa Wysocky, Bob Mangeot, Jaden Terrell (hiding), and Alana White. We have a very lively group who meet the first Tuesday of each month at a local bookstore called Book Man, Book Woman in Hillsboro Village. The meetings last about an hour and we usually go somewhere for a snack and discuss the latest trends in reading and writing. 

J.T. Ellison has experienced considerable success with her writing since emerging with her first crime novel, All the Pretty Girls, in 2007. She has since written nearly a score of books, the latest to be a collaboration with New York Times best selling author Catherine Coulter, which has just increased her international success.

 It seems like only yesterday when a Ms. Ellison scheduled an appointment to interview me about forensic dental identification work at the Tennessee Medical Examiner’s office. Little did I know that I would get to be a character (playing myself) in some of her crime thrillers. Not only did that inspire me in the world of forensics, but also planted seeds of interest to begin a career of writing myself. Thanks, J.T. for the initial interview!!!!