Tabor Returns To His Roots - The Atomic (Secret) City


What a treat it will be to get back home and see some ol’ buds from the Class of ’67. Just a few short weeks after the Secret City Festival, my self-proclaimed Oak Ridge local contact committee, Bobbie Martin , and some of her recruits will be helping us with publicity for our July 18 lecture on ‘Forensic Identification at Ground Zero and Other High Profile Cases’.

It will be held at the American Museum of Science and Energy. That’s pretty cool! I remember when I was a kid, that was the same place we all used to take a dime down there and get it radiated and put in a plastic case for our cousins and other out of town relatives! I must have collected a hundred of those tokens, but can’t put my hands on a single one now!

What do you guys think, my Oak Ridge buddies? Guess what one of those puppies would bring on the open market today. Wonder what something like that would go for on ebay now?

Anyway, the program we are doing is the Dick Smyser Memorial lecture series and will feature our work with the state of Tennessee Office of the Medical Examiner during the last thirty years. That will last about an hour and then we can read about my number one most bizarre case ever. This is the one that prompted the writing of my first novel, Walk of Death.

If you go to the Secret City Festival, hopefully you’ll see a little ‘pub’ on the July 18 gig. Hope to see lots of you. if you can’t make it, maybe I’ll stick a few books in the car when the Rogues minus Ronnie will take our first swing without our heart, soul and brain. We are doing it with his blessing and insistence. Our new ‘best bud’ Rockin’ Roger will step up to the mike and take us down that road of nostalgic musical memories.

Ronnie told me specifically, more than once that he DID want this to go on, and continue, then we would do it. So, guess what? We’re doing it. October 11. Be there! Ronnie’s spirit will be there, I promise.

BTW…if you do happen to read the book, Walk of Death, you will see midway on page 14, we’ve got the Rogues playing at Opryland Hotel for some award that Dr. Chris Walsh is winning for Dentist of the Year. I’m not sure, but I think we sounded REALLY good in the novel!!!

We’ll all be a bit bittersweet without Ron, but Jake Alexander formerly of the Embers has put together a fantastic idea and opportunity for all of us ol’ rockers to get together. You’ll get a chance to say hi to rockin’ rodger who’s gonna lay down some vocal tracks with the rest of the Rogueies! So on October 11, 2013, we are celebrating ‘Grand Reunion of the 60’s bands there in the Ridge with ‘who knows who’.

It’ll be true to our eternal motto, ‘ Pick one up and put one down, the more you drink, the better we sound!’

Can’t wait to see everybody and thx especially to Class of ’68 for offering this gracious invitation to crash their gig. It’ll be a hoot!!!