Walk Of Death Launches Media Blitz

It’s only been a week since we cracked the case for the new book arrival. Since that special day on June 1, 2013, we have already had our first book signing in the Green Hills area of Nashville. The event was warmly received and was hosted by our very close friends Whit and Trudy Clark, at their real estate office. We were treated to the finest in wine, cheeses, sandwiches and snacks of all shapes and sizes. The Clark’s are truly some of the best buddies we’ve ever had (well, Trudy, anyway!) Their offices in Green Hills are warm and impressive!

We have already had some of the over 100 local readers email us their opinions of the book. We’ve had lots of folks saying ‘they just couldn’t put it down’, it had such a grip on them. Of course, as the author, that is JUST exactly what we are wanting hear. A couple of those said they had read it from start to finish on the same day! WOW!

In the last week or two, we have had some great opportunities to speak to various civic and professional organizations. We spoke on Friday, May 31, 2013 to the Remington College of Dental Assisting in Donelson. Two nights earlier, we spoke with former Metro Cold Case Murder Detective Chad Holman. Our ‘tag team’ duo was really well received by the Citizen’s Police Academy, sponsored by Metro Police Department.

For those interested, it is a class that Metro Police conducts twice a year with a class limit of 50. It stays filled up with a waiting list, but, if you are really into law enforcement, and it’s not your real job, this is an AWESOME course!

Even though it is free, you have homework and this class is for real! It meets weekly for thirteen weeks and the subject matter covers everything from serving warrants to homicide protocol to recognizing a human bite marks on a battered child in Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. If you are interested click here to check it out.:

By the way, if you guys have a book club, or other civic group, etc., and might have an interest in having me over to give a one on one on forensic identification in the real world (not on CSI!), just click here to send me an email, and well get back in touch with you soon. Of course, I have a new motto; ‘have new book, will travel’!!

The next few days will offer another FIRST in our timetable toward our goals. Walk Of Death will be available on Amazon.com, so those who would rather ‘one click’ to order, you can get it there as well as right here on www.DrMikeTabor.com. Within another couple of weeks, you will be able to purchase in all forms of e-readers and audio books. These are truly exciting times!


I wanted to mention a special lady who has now become a celebrity to me. I am proud to introduce to all those following our work a lady named Ms. Ashlee Powell. Ashley was the VERY FIRST person to purchase our FIRST copy of our FIRST book we have published. Ashlee is a surgical scrub nurse for Dr. Shane Williams, oral surgeon on staff at Centennial Hospital.

There will only one first, Ashlee, and although I didn’t know before the other day, we are buddies for life. Thank you for your support and encouragement. For those after Ashlee, thank you also for your interest and support as we launch this exciting time in our lives. Your support, faith, and cheers are appreciated more than you will ever know. Cheers!